Standalone NFC MicroSD features integrated antenna and active booster

Standalone NFC MicroSD features integrated antenna and active booster

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Austriamicrosystems has demonstrated at CARTES & Identification a standalone NFC solution based on the microSD form factor, enabling data transfer on removable secure elements using a micro-antenna design. This solution was developed in cooperation with Infineon Technologies and is expected to speed up the deployment of microSD-based near field communications.
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Working in close technical cooperation, austriamicrosystems and Infineon leveraged their respective expertise to design solutions that combine an Infineon security contactless microcontroller with austriamicrosystems’ AS3922 RFID front-end chip. The AS3922 supports an antenna booster technology to overcome the lack of reliability of the existing NFC microSD. Existing solutions only operate in a very limited number of phones and over a very short distance. The NFC microSD solution is integrated with the micro-antenna included in the small form factor. No other design approach currently on the market allows for reliable contactless payment fully enclosed within the microSD, says the company. Austriamicrosystems expects to be sampling its devices in the first quarter of 2012.

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