Standard LED cooler supports high bay lighting demands

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In a diameter of 134 mm, a height of 100 mm and a weight of 1.5kg, the passive LED cooler keeps luminaires up to 10.000 lumen on the required case and junction temperature.  With a thermal resistance Rth of 0.6 K/W the ModuLED Mega 134100-HBG can cool down 80 watts dissipated power or the equivalent of 115 watts electrical power.

The ModuLED Mega is designed in such a way that afterwork like drilling holes or tapping screws threads can be avoided in the design.

On one side there is a standard mounting pattern for direct assembly of the Mean Well HBG-60 and HBG-100 high bay LED driver.  The other side of the cooler has a typical modular ModuLED design, with a variety of mounting patterns for each Zhaga LED module and the top 15 LED manufacturers of COB LED engines.

An example of a high bay sub assembly with the Mean Well HBG-100 LED driver, ModuLED Mega 134100 LED cooler, Laird TPCM phase change thermal pad, Cree CXA3070 COB module and BJB Zhaga LED holder.

The ModuLED Mega is an example of the ideal balance between conduction, convection and radiation cooling and guarantees by this an optimal performance to space ratio.  Besides the 100mm high model for high bay designs, the LED cooler will also become available in a limited height of 20 mm with a cooling performance up to 4000 lumen.

Typically in the down light market there are many projects with limited ceiling heights, and up to now performance for low profile LED coolers where most of time limited to 3000 lumen or below.  A third variation is the 50 mm high model with a thermal resistance of 0.8 K/W or suitable for lighting designs up to 7000 lumen.

MechaTronix will make mass production quantities available from middle of December 2014 onwards.


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