StanTronic Instruments enters PXI & PXI Express markets

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Signadyne specialises in high-performance modular equipment for control, test and measurement applications. These applications cover many industries, including electronics & telecom, aerospace & defence, research laboratories and life sciences. The brand is recognised for supplying high-performance equipment, designed for the most demanding applications where other solutions may fail.

The hardware product range includes a wide variety of I/O interfaces: RF, analog, digital, video, communication buses, time-to-digital converters, chassis with integrated controllers, etc. All products provide advanced off-the-shelf functionalities, reducing development time while boosting final system performance. Programming libraries are provided for virtually all programming language, such as C/C++, Visual Studio (C++, C#, Visual Basic), LabVIEW, MATLAB, Python, Java, etc.

On-board FPGA’s enable the user to program in VHDL, Verilog or MATLAB/Simulink. The companies exclusive HVI Technology provides real-time and FPGA-like performance with an intuitive flowchart-style programming environment called ‘ProcessFlow’.

The company operates from four locations across Europe: Hannover, Northern Germany (HQ); Northampton, England; Paris, France and Wertheim, Southern Germany.

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