Startup claims its MEMS scanning mirror can disrupt lidar market

Startup claims its MEMS scanning mirror can disrupt lidar market

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By Peter Clarke

Startup Omnitron Sensors Inc. (Los Angeles, Calif.) has developed a process to produce a fast-moving microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) scanning mirror.

The company claims this will meet the large field of view requirements of lidars used for automotive advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), drones and robotics. Omnitron’s MEMS mirror will produce a two- to three-times larger field of view than other MEMS mirrors used in long-range lidars, the company said.

The company is not specific about how it has changed MEMS manufacturing process merely stating that it has used existing manufacturing equipment in a rearranged order to simplify how MEMS are assembled and packaged. Nor has the company said where it is getting its MEMS manufactured.

“Our executive team has spent decades in sensor design, working on projects at Google (X) Wing avionics, Google Quantum, Tesla Model 3, US Navy Research Labs, and Lumedyne—which Google acquired during my tenure,” said Eric Aguilar, co-founder and CEO, Omnitron Sensors. “With so much untapped potential in MEMS sensors still before us, we saw how changing the process technology and packaging techniques – which we call a new topology for MEMS – produces measurable improvements in size, cost, robustness, reliability, manufacturability and time to market. Our MEMS scanning mirror for lidars proves out our IP, solving the most serious issues that plague today’s lidars for autonomous navigation. And based on the positive market reception we have received, we’re meeting a vital need for long-lasting, high-performing, rugged and cost-effective lidar platforms.”

Omnitron Sensors received US$1.6 million from L’Attitude Ventures in a seed round of funding in 4Q21.

Although Omnitron is starting with the lidar market the company claims its rearranged manufacturing and novel packaging could be applied to inertial measurement units (IMUs), microphones, pressure sensors, and telecom switches – through established MEMS foundries.

Omnitron was founded in 2019.

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