Startup Raysolve shows microLED displays at 7200ppi

Startup Raysolve shows microLED displays at 7200ppi

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By Peter Clarke

Raysolve Ltd. (Suzhou, China) demonsrated 0.11- and 0.22-inch single-chip, full-color microLED microdisplays at the Society for Information Display exhibition last month.

The company claims these are the smallest sized displays and come with a pixel-pitch of 3.5 micron and pixel density of 7,200ppi and a full color brightness of 100,000 nits.

The 0.11-inch chip weighs 0.23g and has a full-color resolution of 320 pixels by 240 pixels. The 0.22-inch chip weighs 0.29g and has a full-color resolution of 640 pixels by 480 pixels. They support a working temperature range of -20℃ to 85℃.

The small size and lightweight make them suitable for consumer-level AR glasses.

The products are based on a quantum dot material that can be laid down photolithographically as a film with a thickness of 2 micron on top of blue microLED arrays.

In addition Raysolve has worked to prevent light crosstalk among pixels. The technology offers a practical solution for producing full-color micro-LED microdisplays on a large scale, Raysolve claims.

Test data shows a color gamut of 94.2 percent of NTSC, and 98.1 percent of DCI-P3. The device has a 24-bit greyscale addressability, a contrast ratio exceeding 2,000,000:1, and can achieve a frame rate of up to 360Hz.

Raysolve Ltd. was founded by CEO is Wing Cheung Chong in 2019. The core team has come from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).

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