Startup to roll out e-bike microcharging station trials across Europe

Startup to roll out e-bike microcharging station trials across Europe

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By Nick Flaherty

Micromobility startup Charge has secured more than 6,000 locations across Europe and the US for its microcharging infrastructure and is launching experimental programs with 50 electric Charge SmartStations in Paris, Lyon, Lisbon and Milan.

The company says it is dedicated to building the largest network of electric charging, storage and service stations for e-scooters and e-bikes, dubbed microcharging. “With some cities housing over 50,000 shared e-scooters from operators such as Bird, Lime, Spin and Voi – and more landing every week – something has to give,” said Andrew Fox, co-founder and CEO of Charge. “Cities are unable to cope with the extreme clutter caused by these vehicles and the race to build infrastructure for micromobility has begun. We provide a win-win solution for cities, scooter operators, riders and residents so that communities can implement a safe and sustainable strategy for electric micromobility.”

Charge provides a suite of micromobility-servicing infrastructure, including charging and parking. The Charge SmartHub can charge over 70 e-scooters simultaneously to support the gig-economy of juicers and chargers, while the battery-backed SmartStation are designed for charging bikes and scoters on the street. Both detect which operators have e-scooters docked in each station, and only charges the scooter operators who have an agreement with Charge. Each operator is then billed by the percentage of charge, just as one might fill up a car at a gas station.

“As a pioneer in the parking industry, we feel that the connectivity of the micromobility network with mass transportation is the next evolving urban technology solution. We envision that parking garages will evolve to become the gas station of the future to fill electric vehicles and are thrilled to partner with Charge,” said George Fallica, Chief Revenue Officer, North America, REEF Technology.

The programmes in Paris, Lyon, Lisbon and Milan will begin in early 2020.

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