Startup uses IBM Watson to build world’s largest search engine for 3D printable models

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By Nick Flaherty

3D printer reseller 3D Ninja has spent the last year and a half developing iFind3D which contains 740,029 designs. The search engine combines all the online libraries for 3D printable models in one fast and responsive engine, making it easy for end users to find usable 3D designs. It uses 100 different variables running on IBM’s Watson supercomputer to buld the library.

Quality consumer grade 3D printers can already be bought for as low as $300 and the developers see the increasing market for 3D printing as similar to the early days of the internet. Before the arrival of large search engine giants like Google, Bing and Yahoo it was quite hard to find quality content online. 3D Ninja expects iFind3D to do the same for the 3D printing industry, making it a lot easier for people to find printable 3D models.

At the moment almost 70 percent of all online libraries and repositories are connected. IFind3D counts over 700.000 unique results and is expecting to have 90 percent of all worldwide 3D printable designs indexed in the search engine before the end of 2017.

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