Static precision solution outputs 3D size and weight measurements

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The Framos Static Dimensioner is an autonomous static precision solution, capable of calculating three-dimensional size (with a measurement accuracy of +/- 5mm) and weighing goods for automated master data acquisition. The semi-automated Static Dimensioner supports customers in finding the right packaging and storage box to save packaging material, freight charges, and storage space in every industry.
This device retains the dimensional and weight data of goods, independent of shape, material and texture. In addition, it provides a packaging plan and a 3D reconstruction of the currently measured object. The fast calculation of the standard version includes various scenarios, where the customer can set up the scenario type, including the maximum area available and the maximum weight. Tolerances for wrapped goods can be added by the operator. Based on acquired measurements and imaging data, intelligent software algorithms proposes different scenarios to the operator about how to pack a particular type of container based on the filling percentage. Different colours are indicated for every dimension and layer; the operator can easily choose the optimal container, packing scenario, and store the items as proposed. All data can be stored in the network, and it is possible to perform an automatic update of the storage data and warehouse placements, in addition to pictures, 3D views, and layouts. The instrument can be equipped with accessories like a barcode scanner for item identification; high-quality industrial cameras with up to 10 Megapixel resolution for image documentation; and, a portable battery for mobile use.
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