Stellantis launches business unit for mobility data services

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

The use of data from linked vehicles is increasingly becoming a business in its own right for OEMs. That is why the multi-brand company Stellantis (Chrysler, Citroën, Fiat, Peugeot, Opel) has launched the Mobilisights business unit.

The new business unit is to expand the business with “Data as a Service” (DaaS) and develop corresponding B2B products, applications and services on this basis and bring them to market maturity. The base is huge: Stellantis expects around 34 million linked vehicles by 2030.

Mobilisights’ products are to be available to a wide range of customers – including private companies as well as public utilities and educational and research institutions. They are designed to promote data-driven decision-making and enable a broad portfolio of applications and services. 

As one of the seven value-added business units announced in Stellantis’ Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan, Mobilisights represents an important step for the automaker in its efforts to expand and accelerate its software and data business.  

“Mobilisights’ vision is to contribute to a smarter world. We do this by processing and using insights drawn from vehicle data to develop innovative applications and services that can transform and quite significantly improve the everyday lives of users and businesses,” said Mobilisights CEO Sanjiv Ghate. “Used effectively, sensor and other data from linked vehicles can enable a wide range of services and applications with compelling benefits ranging from tailored usage-based insurance to hazard detection and traffic management. With 14 iconic brands and millions of linked vehicles, Stellantis has an unrivalled global data base to drive this business.” 

The business unit will have exclusive access to Stellantis’ connected vehicle data – and the rights to license vehicle and related data from all Stellantis brands to external customers. This data density is expected to give Mobilisights a greater degree of autonomy in terms of reliance on other data providers to enable applications.

Data will be anonymised and aggregated

Stellantis’ software strategy is to deploy next-generation technology platforms. These build on existing connected car capabilities to transform the way customers interact with their vehicles. Announced at Stellantis’ Software Day in December 2021, the strategy is expected to add around €20 billion in annual revenue by 2030. Mobilisights will make an important contribution to this.

In order to meet data protection requirements, Mobilisights and its partners will only be allowed to use anonymised and aggregated data. In addition, personal data will only be shared with the explicit consent of customers – and only for the specific services they request. Customers can also subsequently object to the collection, use and disclosure of data if they had previously given their consent.

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