STM32H5 discovery kit for secure, smart, connected devices

STM32H5 discovery kit for secure, smart, connected devices

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By Nick Flaherty

STMicroelectronics has released its first development board to support Secure Manager, a turnkey system-on-chip that integrates core security services.

The STM32H573I-DK ARM Cortex-M33 Discovery kit enables developers to explore all the integrated features of the STM32H5 microcontrollers, such as analog peripherals, timers, the ST ART (Adaptive Real-Time) Accelerator, media interfaces, and mathematical accelerators.

This makes it easy to evaluate new designs for industrial programmable logic controllers (PLC), motor drives, and smart controllers for appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines. Other potential applications include alarm controllers, communication hubs and smart lighting controls.

The 250MHz ARM Cortex-M33 STM32H5 microcontrollers are suitable for high-performance processing and advanced security in a wide range of applications, including smart sensors, smart appliances, industrial controllers, networking equipment, personal electronics, and medical devices.

The MCUs combine ARM TrustZone security with ST’s STM32Trust framework to provide trusted storage, cryptography, attestation, and updates. They embed side-channel protected hardware cryptographic accelerators and target recognized security certifications, PSA Certified Level 3 and GlobalPlatform SESIP3 and are certified and maintained by ST.

Alongside the STM32H5, the board includes a colour touch display, digital microphone, and interfaces such as USB, Ethernet, and 802.11 b/g/n WiFi. The board also features an audio codec, flash memory, and headers for connecting expansion shields and daughterboards.

To simplify the development process, the STM32CubeH5 MCU software package consolidates all the necessary components required to develop an application on the STM32H5, including examples and application code. The package is fully integrated into the STM32Cube ecosystem, which contains additional software to assist with application development. ST also offers the STM32CubeMX tool for configuring and initializing the MCU.

ST has created the STM32H573I-DK Discovery kit with examples showing how to use the security services and integrated all the necessary software tools and support in the STM32Cube development ecosystem. More STM32 IoT cloud solutions are planned for the board in the next few days.

This Discovery kit as well as the H5 Nucleo Board NUCLEO-H563ZI are now available from ST’s eStore and Authorized distributors. The Discovery Kit board is priced at $98.75 and the Nucleo Board at $28.75.




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