STMicro extends motor drivers modules for MikroElektronika

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ST’s STSPIN ICs simplify motor control by integrating the advanced control features, protected output stage, and safety functions including non-dissipative over-current protection in an extremely small footprint. Mounted on the new plug-and-play Click boards, the motor drivers are ready to use without any hardware configuration. In addition, ST has actively supported creation of MikroSDK libraries and code examples, working with MikroElektronika, to deliver high-performing software that lets users get the best from each board.

The STSPIN220 Click board contains the STSPIN220 IC, which is the market’s first 10V stepper driver with the 256-microstep resolution. Delivered in a 3x3mm QFN package, it has the market’s lowest standby current, at 10nA (typical), and can deliver up to 1.3A to drive the motor with PWM current control through each of the two on-chip 0.4Ω H-bridges. The STSPIN820 Click board with the STSPIN820 stepper driver delivers an optimal balance of cost and performance for 7V-45V applications, with the 256-microstep resolution and delivering up to 1.5A in a 4x4mm QFN.

The STSPIN250 Click board features the 3x3mm STSPIN250, the smallest high-current DC brush motor driver in the market. Suitable for motor voltages from 1.8V to 10V and capable of supplying up to 2.6A through 0.2Ω on-resistance H-bridges, it also has extremely low standby current of just 10nA (typical).

The STSPIN233 Click board for brushless DC (BLDC) motor drives features the 3x3mm STSPIN233, which contains three half bridges with independent input and enable pins and supports 3-shunt sensing. Ready for 1.8V-10V motor operation, the STSPIN233 has ultra-low 10nA (typical) standby current.

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