STMicro, Mobileye expand vehicle safety IC developments

STMicro, Mobileye expand vehicle safety IC developments

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The EyeQ3 processor will feature four multi-threaded MIPS32 cores, coupled with four cores of the new generation of Mobileye’s Vector Microcode Processors (VMP), which together offer the optimal balance of control and data processing in an architecture tailored for vision processing, the two companies claim,In addition to the EyeQ3, ST and Mobileye also plan the launch of the EyeQ3 ‘lite’ processor in the same timeframe.

The EyeQ3-Lite will share a subset of the EyeQ3’s core architecture, enabling a reduced bundle of functions. The first generation EyeQ1 is in production at several car makers whose cars now feature lane-departure warning, adaptive-headlight control, traffic-sign recognition, collision avoidance via radar-camera fusion, and forward collision warning.ST and Mobileye increased second generation processing power of the EyeQ2 by six-fold over the EyeQ1.

EyeQ2 features ‘pedestrian detection’ and an option for the car manufacturer to enable fully automatic emergency braking. EyeQ2 has recently entered into production in the new Volvo S60 sedan-car series with additional launches of EyeQ2-based systems expected in the coming months from several car makers. EyeQ3 will be a further six times more powerful than EyeQ2. Design of the EyeQ3 is underway and stress-test qualification, according to AEC-Q100, is planned within 2013, with production expected to start in 2014.

EyeQ3 will accept multiple camera inputs from Surround-View-Systems, which will also incorporate the full scope of functions to create a safety ‘cocoon’ around the vehicle, according to the companies.Mobileye N.V. has been selected as the vision engine supplier by BMW, GM and Volvo.


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