Storage processor speeds up data centers, slashes memory requirements

Storage processor speeds up data centers, slashes memory requirements

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The company says its dedicated hardware overcomes the major inefficiencies of software-only storage engines.

By creating silicon-based accelerators for cloud databases and infrastructures, Pliops has taken the same approach employed by AI processors and applied it to more common but no less challenging workloads. At the core of the Pliops solution is a powerful FPGA from Xilinx and high-performance hardware algorithms.

“Hardware acceleration has proven itself as the answer to achieving performance gains in the post Moore’s Law era,” explains Freddy Engineer, corporate vice president and general manager, data centre group, at Xilinx. “By implementing analytics processing in an adaptable compute platform from Xilinx, Pliops is helping to expand hardware acceleration into data intensive tasks with direct access to storage.”

“Core operational and transactional databases hold critical data that is vital to a company and data centre’s operation, but their software and architectures are so inefficient that architects create a huge protective ‘bubble’ around them,” says David Nagle, advisor to Pliops. “Data centres that embrace specialized processors to offload common applications can not only reduce server count, storage capacity and network costs, but can also share that hardware across both their transactional and analytic workloads. This is a game-changer in terms of efficiency, performance, scalability, costs, and shared real-time access to data.”

Pliops’ architecture is claimed to create the closest possible connection between application and flash storage, eliminating decades of accumulated legacy application, file system and storage layers and the associated inefficiencies.

“Specialized processors are changing the face of computing and allowing the innovative spirit of Moore’s Law to live on,” Nagle continued. “Adopting them does require a shift in thinking, as well as a change in infrastructure, but the benefits gained deliver value well beyond what traditional processors can deliver today and enable scaling for the next decade and beyond. This is especially true when applied to cloud databases, storage systems, and analytics platforms where Pliops is delivering 10x faster performance and 100x improved response time in less than half the amount of storage. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward.”

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