StoreDot signs Circulor for blockchain battery supply chain traeability

StoreDot signs Circulor for blockchain battery supply chain traeability

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By Nick Flaherty

Israeli battery material developer StoreDot has teamed up with Circulor to provide supply chain traceability for its manufacturing processes.

StoreDot will use Circulor’s blockchain-based PROVE platform to dynamically track the physical flow of critical materials from source, through the different processing steps to cell manufacturing in its facilities and later on into second life and recycling applications.

Along this backbone, emissions data from each supply chain participant is added to provide supply chain specific CO2 calculations, attributed to the battery cells themselves rather than using estimations.

The PROVE platform runs on a private, permissioned-based enterprise SaaS platform that includes intuitive user interfaces, embedded business logic, clear dependencies, and integrated multilingual operations. Data is fed to the blockchain via system integration using RESTful Web Service APIs with security and authentication protocols and uses the RMI Blockchain guidelines.

The massive data collection that StoreDot is continuously pursuing enables other players in different steps of the automotive value chain to make key progress towards full data disclosure. This is particularly crucial for global automotive manufacturers, who are bound to meeting carbon neutrality targets and increasingly dynamic global regulations. This will also provide StoreDot with the large database required for training an AI framework.

“Using Circulor’s software gives us, as the provider of battery, which is the heart of the electric vehicle, the ability to make all necessary preparations early on in order to support the car companies’ carbon neutrality targets,” said Dr. Doron Myersdorf, CEO of StoreDot. The company works closely with the Advanced .

“StoreDot’s commitment offers the ecosystem an important benefit – precise CO2 calculations at the product level, not just at the facility level”, says Yue Jin Tay, VP Product at Circulor, which is also working with Vulcan Energy in Germany for fully traceable lithium supplies in 2024.

StoreDot has begun the implementation process to track the flow of the critical raw materials contained within its battery cells, from manufacturing, through material processing, and back to the mine. This will also be key to the production of batteries at Italvolt in Italy where StoreDot is the technology supplier.

Preparations have also started for layering the CO2 emissions on top of the battery supply chain material flow, which will identify carbon hotspots in StoreDot’s supply chains, help the company further reduce its footprint, and begin preparing the full scope of its operations for upcoming regulations.

This is a key step in preparing for the EU Battery Regulation, which requires proof of sustainable, responsible, and circular sourcing for batteries to access the European market. The regulation mandates that all batteries must have a digital battery passport by February 2027. To comply and gain a competitive edge, establishing supply chain transparency through traceability is essential.

StoreDot is also actively involved in the German government’s Battery Pass initiative, which aims to create full transparency for every battery, with Circulor the Technology Lead for the project.;



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