Streetlight doubles up as car charging station

Streetlight doubles up as car charging station

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By Nick Flaherty

CEO and founder of eluminocity Sebastian Jagsch emphasized that the intelligent streetlight can accommodate new sensors as well as new components for mobile communications. “This enables us to constantly develop new applications to tackle upcoming demands. We enhance comfort, safety, security, and efficiency in public spaces, thus making whole cities future-proof,” he said.

Recent projects such as FINESCE and the Innogy network have shown the need to combine power charging and communication networks.  

In the design, each of the companies contributes specific know-how to the partnership for the connected city. Infineon provides decades of expertise in the field of sensors, power management chips, and security solutions. eluminocity adds its know-how in system integration, data analysis and application solutions. Other partners deliver connectivity, computing performance and cloud solutions. The intelligent streetlight can be protected against unauthorized access from the cloud down to the device level and can be enabled for updating by means of hardware and software.

As well as providing more efficient lighting, the intelligent LED streetlight with its integrated charging station has the potential to boost electromobility. Optionally, when fitted with adequate sensors, the lamp post could offer a convenient parking spot detection service by feeding information about the availability of vacant parking spaces to the cloud.

With integrated radar sensors, the intelligent streetlight can also be configured to adapt to environmental conditions. Identifying bad or when cars or pedestrians are approaching, the streetlight could increase its brightness to improve comfort levels for road users.

Data from the radar system would be collected anonymously and forwarded to the cloud, with secure processing using end-to-end encryption to facilitates various services offered in the form of apps. The streetlight also provides an option to be equipped with additional sensors that analyze the environment. Gas sensors can be integrated to measure air quality and report when defined limits are exceeded via a cloud connection to a municipal control center. This capability would, for example, allow joggers to know when to expect the best air quality in the city. The addition of microphones supports detection of certain audio patterns, enabling the automatic reporting of incidents such as car accidents to the nearest police station.

Equipped with high-frequency components, the streetlight may also serve as a base station for communications based on the 5G mobile radio standard. Compared to the previous standard, this requires more transmitting and receiving units, but offers a hundred times higher transmission speed, a thousand times higher data capacity, real-time capability – and a lower energy consumption.

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