Study sees renewable energy patents plummet

Study sees renewable energy patents plummet

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By Nick Flaherty

RS Components has examined over 6000 renewable energy patent applications from 1905 to 2020 to find out which companies are applying for the most green energy patents. The infographic is here.

Mitsubishi leads the list 123 green energy patent applications. Coming second from the top is the General Electric Company who have submitted a total of 83 green energy patents and third place goes to Siemens, who have applied for 71 patents. 2012 was the year that saw a huge spike in the number of renewable energy patent applications with 667 applications being made in that year alone.

The data seems to indicate that the number of patents has collapsed in 2019 and 2020. However the data is based around a single term on renewable energy and reliant on a number of large companies that have been struggling. Both GE and Siemens have seen a dramatic restructuring in their energy businesses and joint ventures over the last two years, the same timescale as the decline in patent applications.

This is also a complex area that is difficult to get a clear definition, as the focus on renewable technology such as wind turbines has matured. INstead there are specific areas of technology such as batteries with a wide range of chemistries that have been developed in the last ten years. For example, the data contains just 172 entries on battery technology including applications in the electric vehicle powertrain. However there are none in the list from Tesla, which itself has 28 battery patents. There are also 1021 patents on Energy Storage System (ESS) technology that is also key to renewable energy designs, as well as 4121 patents on the flow battery technology used in such systems.

The data is at

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