Sub-1-GHz, ultra-low-power ISM-band RF transceiver

Sub-1-GHz, ultra-low-power ISM-band RF transceiver

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By Graham Prophet

The MAX7037 has, in addition to the quad band multichannel transceiver and integrated microcontroller, flash memory, and a sensor interface. It runs from a minimum supply voltage of 2.1V, extending battery life and also enabling it to make use of energy sources such as solar cells, electromechanical, or thermo electrical energy. Hardware-implemented transmit-and-receive routines in combination with a microcontroller enable a high-efficiency transceiver system for wireless fail-safe multiband/multichannel communication with advanced FSK and ASK protocol features. Sleep modes allow implementation of low-power applications with fast reaction times.


Maxim lists the feature set as;


Ultra-low-power consumption for battery-based operation;

Current consumption Tx (POUT = +6 dBm, FSK): 16 mA

Current consumption Rx (FSK): 22 mA

Current consumption deep sleep mode (watchdog timer and PRAM active): 100 nA

Supply voltage range: 2.1V to 5.5V

Integrated ultra-low-power on/off voltage threshold detectors

Worldwide usable frequency band coverage

ISM band frequency coverage: 315/433/868/915~930 MHz

Fractional-N LO (local oscillator) generation for multichannel operation

RF synthesizer resolution: 244 Hz/488 Hz

FFSK/FMSK/ASK modulation for optimum compatibility with various communication standards

Gross data rates: up to 125 kbit/sec

ASK with programmable transition shape for spectral tuning

Fully integrated RF, Tx, and Rx front-end for minimum external components

Maximum Tx output power (RLOAD = 400Ω): +10 dBm

Rx sensitivity (FFSK, BW = 150 kHz): -100 dBm

Mixed-signal sensor interface with analogue I/O through ADC/DAC and on-chip buffers

Integrated 9-bit sigma delta ADC for applications

Integrated 8-bit DAC

8 mixed-signal I/Os with versatile switching matrix; up to 18 digital I/Os

Wristwatch crystal-based real-time clock with integrated 32. 768 kHz oscillator.


There is an accompanying evaluation kit, MAX7037EVKIT, configurable to specific frequency-band variants: 315 MHz, 434 MHz, 868 MHz, 902 MHz, 915 MHz, and 928 MHz, by component changes on the base (315 MHz) version.


At time of writing, Maxim is asking for NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to access the full data sheet; the product page is here;


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