Sub-1GHz wireless connection kit for LaunchPad development kit

Sub-1GHz wireless connection kit for LaunchPad development kit

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Texas Instruments has launched a sub-1 GHz radio frequency (RF) low cost plug-in-board for its MSP430 microcontroller LaunchPad development kit. The 430BOOST-CC110L RF BoosterPack includes ETSI-compliant and FCC-certified modules to help speed development time, reduce certification costs and eliminate barriers associated with the RF hardware design process.
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The $19 BoosterPack and $4.30 MSP430 LaunchPad are aimed at developers of cost-sensitive sub-1 GHz RF applications such as remote controls, toys, home and building automation, and security systems.

The RF BoosterPack contains two plug-in-boards with RF modules integrating TI’s CC110L sub-1 GHz RF transceiver, passive components and compact PCB antenna, along with a CD with software and documentation. It also includes a wireless software stack from TI partner Anaren to make it easy for developers to add RF to any system.

The key to the pack is that no RF hardware design is required as the designer can add module as an embedded PCB component. It operates in the unlicensed 868 and 915MHz bands and programs developed on MSP430 LaunchPad can be migrated to higher-end MSP430 devices

“We are excited to bring wireless connectivity to the more than 100,000 MSP430 LaunchPads in the market today, and provide a simple, cost-effective development platform for those looking to innovate wireless products with MSP430 microcontrollers,” said Erling Simensen, product marketing manager for Low-Power RF at TI. “By combining TI’s leading ultra-low-power MSP430 microcontrollers with our sub-1 GHz RF value line transceivers, we are delivering easy-to-use, affordable and scalable solutions to wirelessly connect more cost-sensitive consumer applications.”

The RF module in the RF BoosterPack is separately available as an ETSI-compliant and FCC-certified production-ready module. The A110LR09A RF module is available from Anaren and can be tested using the 430BOOST-CC110L development tool.


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