Super-fast switching diodes with ultra-low leakage

Super-fast switching diodes with ultra-low leakage

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The DLLFSD01x series of switching diodes features a typical 5nA ultra-low leakage current that significantly reduces system power consumption and increases energy efficiency. The devices achieve a switching speed, trr, of 4 nsec or less, which contributes to greater efficiency by reducing switching loss in the end-application. Extremely low total capacitance, around 0.5pF, makes these switching diodes easy to drive. The diodes come in a range small leaded and leadless packages. DLLFSD01T-7 in SOD523 package is priced at $0.0464 (3000); DLLFSD01LPH4-7B in X2-DFN1006-2 package and DLLFSD01LP3-7 in X3 DFN0606-2 package are respectively $0.0488 and $0.0850 (10,000)

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