Super Formula helmet sports high-transmittance color AR display

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By Rich Pell

Thanks to JDI’s new technology allowing the removal of the conventional color filter and polarizer layers, the display used for the experiment had a high transmittance level of 80%, allowing the driver to visualize driving information such as temperature and fuel consumption without having to look at a monitor in the cockpit.

In “Super Formula” racing, drivers compete for one thousandth of a second with team members, checking a variety of information in a high-tense atmosphere where there is no room for any mistake. If a driver’s eye movement can be reduced in this tense atmosphere, it can help reduce the driver’s stress.

We want to seek the possibility of using high-transmittance colour transparent display technology in many fields with JDI through research and study in the racing field’s harsh environment”, commented Dandelion Racing’s leader, Kiyoshi Muraoka.

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