Supercapacitor powers Spire Health Tag vibration

By eeNews Europe

The use of a supercapacitor with a height of only 0.8mm allows Spite to use a smaller, thinner 3V coin cell battery in the Health Tag, which in turn allows the company to use a more compact and thinner form factor for its new fitness biosensor. The sensor is attached to clothes, can be washed and requires no charging. Featuring a leakage current of under 1µA, the supercapacitor helps extend the battery life and therefore the usable lifetime of the tag.


The 120 mF, 130 mΏ CAP-XX Thinline HA114 supercapacitor is trickle charged by the battery. The supercapacitor can then provide the 100mA peak voltage draw from the motor when the vibration function is needed. The vibration alert is user programmable and helps users manage stress or monitor heart rate.

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