Support for DO-178C added to model-based design tool

Support for DO-178C added to model-based design tool

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With Release 2012b (R2012b), engineers using the DO Qualification Kit can qualify Simulink and Polyspace verification tools for DO-178C and supplements including DO-331. This DO-178C support now offers program managers and their certification authorities a standardised, global approach and framework for adopting Model-Based Design and accelerating embedded system certification.
“Using DO-178C and DO-331, aircraft manufacturers and suppliers can harvest the productivity, cost, and quality benefits of Model-Based Design, secure in the knowledge that they can certify their systems,” said Steve Morton, Level A FAA Software DER. “The verification workflow described in the DO Qualification Kit matches industry best practice and the expectations of the FAA software certification community, including verification independence, executable object code verification, and structural coverage analysis for automatically generated code.”
The DO Qualification Kit also now supports Simulink and Polyspace products for DO-330 software tool qualification, DO-331 model-based development and verification, DO-332 object-oriented technology and DO-333 formal methods.
It provides documentation, test cases, and procedures to help qualify supported Simulink and Polyspace software verification tools for projects that need to meet aerospace standards. The kit also includes tool qualification plans, tool operational requirements, and other materials required for qualifying software verification tools (Criteria 2 and 3).
The enhancements to the DO Qualification Kit build on existing MathWorks DO-178 capabilities such as the DO-178 Process Deployment Advisory Service that was introduced earlier this year. This educates aerospace engineers on the DO-178 standard, identifies gaps in their current processes, provides a road map to a more optimised DO-178 process framework using Model-Based Design, and assists in deploying that road map.

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