SureCore memory supports ‘listen through’ in active noise cancelling

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By Nick Flaherty

UK memory IP developer SureCore has signed several deals for its low power memory for ‘listen through’ capability for Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) designs.

Such techniques, which allow key words to filter through the ANC, require more “always-on” complex processing with higher power requirements, The challenge for applications such as earbuds is that the space and battery power is limited.

“We are signing several new IP licensing deals with earbud manufacturers where they are not selecting just one of our ultra-low power memory technologies but signing for a set of them to really help squeeze the power budget without compromising the performance,” said Paul Wells, founder and CEO of SureCore.

“This enables them to pack in more powerful features than their rivals without shortening the operational battery life. Our research shows that the extra processing demands of features such as ANC, listen through, voice control, etc. can account for around 50% of the total device power budget with a big proportion of this coming from the memory,” he said. “Typically, our low power memory solutions can cut dynamic power by half compared to standard offerings. Some customers are going further and are exploiting our low voltage capabilities to drive power down even more. Developers now have to really focus on memory if the end product is going to meet its power budget and be commercially viable.”

sureCore’s range of close to near-threshold, silicon proven, process-independent SRAM IP includes EveronPowerMiser, and MiniMiser. PowerMiser delivers dramatic dynamic power savings at nominal operating voltages whereas Everon and MiniMiser support true near-threshold operation with direct logic connection and single rail design easing both physical and timing design challenges.  

The company also has a custom memory design service called sureFIT for complex memory subsystems to support AI, ML and AR applications are needed.

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