Surface imaging and metrology software support 3D imaging and analysis

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ZMorf supports real time 3D imaging of surface topography at any angle and zoom level, combined with colour image overlays to speed up the identification of surface features and anomalies. Image enhancement tools reveal fine surface details and intelligent pre-processing filters correct and normalize surface data prior to analysis.

ZMorf integrates the latest standards and methods for analyzing surface texture and geometry.  Surface roughness and waviness components are separated by applying advanced ISO 16610 filtering techniques and IS0 25178 3D parameters are generated. Distances, areas, volumes, step heights and coplanarity are calculated.  Regions of interest can be extracted from a measured surface for independent analysis. Numerous advanced features are available including the analysis of tribological surfaces, grains and particles analysis, and 3D Fourier and wavelets analysis. 

The tool allows users to develop applications and generate multi-page analysis reports quickly and easily.  Templates automate the analysis of similar measurement data sets and common sequences of analysis steps can be saved for reuse at any time.  All numerical results are accessible in a single results manager panel and can be exported for post-processing by complementary application-specific software or 3rd party software. Images and documents can be exported in standard formats for easy publication.


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