Surface mount WiFi module measures 20- x 37-mm

Surface mount WiFi module measures 20- x 37-mm

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2001 Electronic Components has released the Nano WiReach SMT from Connect One. Measuring just 20x37mm, the WiFi module offers 3G routing, WiFi client and access-point capabilities. Nano WiReach SMT offers multiple hardware interfaces and extensive firmware functionality that facilitates a full suite of secure Internet protocols for up to eight WiFi users in its router or access point mode.
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Boasting a full suite of Internet protocols and applications, the device powers immediate, full–featured connectivity for embedded solutions without any WiFi driver development or porting. The module can also serve as an independent WiFi access point where WiFi infrastructure does not exist. The module comes complete with the latest WiFi encryption algorithms (WPA/WPA2, in both PSK and Enterprise modes) as well as including Internet SSL communication and encryption algorithms. In addition, because it serves as a router to the customer product, it acts as an inherent firewall, protecting the embedded application from attacks originating from the Internet.

To maximize design-in flexibility, Nano WiReach SMT offers firmware support of several modes of operation: Embedded Router; Embedded Access Point; LAN to WiFi Bridge; Serial to LAN/WiFi Bridge; Full Internet Controller mode; PPP emulation. The module RMII, USB, SPI and fast UART interfaces for easy integration into existing or new designs. It is available in two versions: one with an antenna connector and one with a built-in antenna. Nano WiReach SMT supports 10 simultaneous TCP/UDP sockets; two listening TCP sockets; SMTP, MIME, POP3, FTP, Telnet, and HTTP/HTTPS clients; and an HTTP/HTTPS embedded Web server with a Web site for the host application and one for configuring the module. It operates at an extended temperature range of -10° to 65°C.

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