Surveying LED lighting with spectrometer and integrating sphere

Surveying LED lighting with spectrometer and integrating sphere

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The GL Spectis 6.0 spectrometer and the suitable GL Opti Sphere 500 integrating sphere yield a perfect lab equipment for large-scale measurements in the area of LED lighting. With its 2U/19" casing, the Spectis 6.0 is easily integrated into a rack. It supports measurements in the spectral range from 200 nm to 1050 nm – from ultraviolet to near infrared, and of course including the visible part of the spectrum, all at an impressive resolution of 3.5 nm.

The Spectis 6.0 / Opti Sphere 500 combo is ideally suited for high-speed measurements on LED wafers as well as of large luminaries such as, for example, street lamps. Designed to meet the requirements of manufacturing process control in the LED and luminaries industry, the Spectis 6.0 meets the increasingly demanding international lighting standards, including CIE 127:2007, IESNA LM-79-08 or the EU ecodesign directive for LEDs no. 1194/2012.

Lighting efficiency measurements can be conducted by coupling the spectrometer with the integrating sphere. With its spectral calibration and its large diameter of 500 mm, it is the perfect tool to measure radiancy and light distribution of medium-sized LED arrays. It also can be used to determine a large variety of photometric parameters including colour coordinates, colour temperature and colour rendering index (CRI). These parameters in turn deliver the basis for calculations regarding the influence electronic components, drivers and power supplies to the LED luminary.

With its specific design The GL Opti Sphere 500 permits installing various adapters required to conduct measurements on single LEDs or any other type of light source. To meet the CIE recommendations, it is possible to measure front emitting diodes at the sphere wall with 2-pi geometry whereas all other types are measured in the centre of the sphere with 4-pi geometry.

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