Swedish carbon fibre heatsink IP for bitcoin cooling

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By Nick Flaherty

The carbon fibre heatsink technology developed by Centropy in Sweden is aimed at high power computing applications for thermal management solutions for cloud computing, AI, and crypto mining applications. 

Centropy’s cooling solutions will be integrated into Kulr’s existing technology portfolio for air and liquid-cooling of HPC applications such as crypto mining, cloud computing, and AR/VR simulations.

“We are very pleased and proud to work with Kulr as we look to leverage our IP and take it to commercialization,” said Jesper Eman, CEO of Centropy. “We also realize it takes a lot of expertise and resources in productization, manufacturing and commercialization to take our technologies to mass markets. The partner to help us get there is KULR, which is the leader in carbon fibre thermal management technologies for the most advanced and demanding applications. Their products are trusted and used by NASA and other well-respected commercial and governmental partners. We look forward to the times ahead, as we strongly believe Kulr is the ideal home for our technologies to realize their full potential.”

The carbon fibres used by Centropy have a thermal conductivity of up to 1000 W/mK. This is about four times higher than aluminium and twice that of copper. At the same time the carbon fibres have a significantly lower density allowing for more lightweight structures. The company has worked with the European Space Agency (ESA) and Saab on the technology.

Industrial bitcoin mining operations with thousands of computers stacked on shelves in warehouses are surrounded by large-scale fans and electricity can account for about 80 percent of a miner’s operating cost. With the joint capabilities of Centropy and Kulr’s technology, crypto miners would now be able to conduct operations more efficiently and effectively. 

“We appreciate the dedication and innovation Centropy put into this technology,” said Michael Mo, CEO of Kulr. “I believe Kulr will be a great home for the technologies that the Centropy team has dedicated their hard work towards because we know firsthand it takes tremendous resources and innovation to invent a solution, productize it, and a tremendous amount of diligence and infrastructure to commercialize it. Kulr intends to be a staunch custodian and conduit for Centropy’s cutting-edge technology, advancing a complete suite of solutions as well as other innovative thermal management technologies that will result from IP acquisitions.”;

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