Swiss emergency watch wins M2M award

Swiss emergency watch wins M2M award

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Limmex in Switzerland integrated a phone and custom SIM card into the Emergency Classic 01 watch to call pre-set numbers.
In an emergency, a Limmex watch owner simply presses a button. If they have triggered a false alarm, they have 15 seconds to cancel the emergency call. Otherwise the watch dials a pre-set telephone number automatically. If nobody answers the call, it is redirected automatically to the next number on the wearer’s emergency numbers list. Up to ten numbers can be programmed. For German users, there is also a direct link to the German Red Cross’ emergency switchboard, which is manned 24 hours a day.
The watch can even be set to trigger a return call within the 30 minutes. If the recipient responds, a voice connection is established. The watch is fitted with a microphone and a miniature loudspeaker. A Deutsche Telekom M2M SIM provides the cellphone connection as these are smaller and more robust than conventional alternatives and are designed for a longer service life. Limmex manages the cards via an M2M service portal.
The design won DT’s M2M Challenge that recognizes innovative apps within the categories of energy & smart grid, automotive & transport, security & surveillance, healthcare & wellness, and consumer electronics & more. The jurors were an international panel of technology experts.
The emergency watch has a wide range of uses. Limmex ensures the safety of people who work in a high-risk work environment or are lone workers. Security staff, police officers, employees at a 24-hour filling stations, farmers or forestry workers can all benefit from the peace of mind that a Limmex emergency watch brings.
Limmex also provides greater security for private individuals such as sportspeople who are out on their own or children who need to contact their parents in an emergency. In addition, the emergency watch is ideal for people suffering from illnesses such as epilepsy or heart problems, who need help fast in an emergency.
Furthermore, the watch helps people to lead independent lives for longer. While home emergency call systems help older people in their own homes, the Limmex watch is available when they are on the move, whether they are power walking in town or hiking in the mountains. Older people also feel that emergency call systems stigmatise them and either don’t carry or use them, so another advantage of the Limmex watch is that it is an emergency call system hidden in a watch.

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