System combines lighting, exterior display

System combines lighting, exterior display

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

LG Electronics Vehicle Component Solutions and its Austrian subsidiary ZWK Group have jointly developed a combined lighting and exterior display system for vehicles.

Creating a completely new vehicle front, their Superintegrator concept opens up new design and communication options for developers.

Among other things, the concept developed at ZKWs homebase in in Wieselburg, Austria, makes it possible to let the front shine in any design or display messages, controlled by software. The name Superintegrator is derived from the combination of different technologies. The light guide technology, for example, which implements the daytime running light, position light and direction indicator, comes from LG. The complete lighting technology, including the communication display, was developed by ZKW. The futuristic design of the Superintegrator was created by LG Electronics Design Department.

The system makes it possible, for example, for the vehicle to greet its driver on the display (“Hello Mr. Berger”) when the driver approaches the vehicle. But the display can also show the battery level and status messages for electric vehicles. In the case of cabs, the system could greet the passenger by name and light carpet to find the ordered vehicle. Thanks to software control, part of the display can also be used for customizable daytime running lights, allowing passengers to travel with their own light appearance.

In the future, the concept will be used for extended light staging, but also for communication with other road users. This is particularly interesting for automated vehicles, the company believes. With additional sensors, the functions of the Superintegrator could be further expanded. For example, it could tell other road users that the vehicle is currently in automated mode or communicate messages such as “I saw you” to ensure safety. “With the integrated display, the Superintegrator fills the gap of the lack of communication between autonomous vehicles and other road users,” says ZKW CEO Wilhelm Steger.

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