Tachyum shows design of 20 ExaFlop supercomputer

Tachyum shows design of 20 ExaFlop supercomputer

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By Nick Flaherty

European chip designer Tachyum has published a design of an exascale AI supercomputer using its Prodigy 2 Universal processor and a mix of liquid and air cooling.

The design will deliver 20 ExaFlops of FP64 vector performance in a 60MW power envelope and footprint of 6,000 square feet. This meets the requirements of the US Department of Energy for supercomputing systems for both HPC and AI.

The design was developed by Tachyum’s systems, solutions, and software engineering teams to allow HPC and AI workloads to run on the same architecture rather than separately on CPUs and GPUs. This will use the 3nm Prodigy 2 chip which expected to be available in 2025 with more than the 128 64bit processing cores in the first generation.

This same data centre can deliver over 10 ZetaFlops of AI performance, more than 30x the top end of the US target says Tachyum with FP64 performance up to 25 EF within the same 6,000 square-foot area, depending on the flexibility of the power envelope.

Prodigy has custom 48U rack reference designs that come in two versions, a 1U liquid-cooled version and a 2U air-cooled card. The liquid-cooled version supports 88 4-socket 1U servers for a total of 352 Prodigy Processors, and the air-cooled version supports 40 4-socket 2U servers for a total 160 Prodigy Processors. The racks have a modular architecture, and 2 racks can be combined into a 2-rack cabinet to optimize floor space.

The Tachyum Prodigy 2 processor was selected by Important Project of Common European Interests (IPCEI) program for Slovakia to deliver exa-scale HPC and zetta-scale AI for Europe. The European Commission has accepted the funding gap of €26.4m for Tachyum, which is currently in the notification process.

The data centre design uses next-generation CXL infrastructure for networking and storage integrated into the Prodigy 2 chip, which plans to use the emerging PCI Express version 6 technology.

First-generation Prodigy data centres will offer 3.3 EF of FP64, three times the performance of existing supercomputers, and also deliver around 1.8 ZF of AI processing in 6,000 square feet at power consumption of only 45 MW.

“Tachyum provides leading-edge solutions from silicon to complete systems to address the ever-increasing demands for both HPC and AI,” said Radoslav Danilak, founder and CEO of Tachyum. “Tachyum-designed supercomputers push the forefront of HPC performance while crossing the zetta-scale barrier for AI, transforming data centres into universal computing centres.”



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