Taiwan taps Oxford Instruments to expand compound semiconductor supply chain

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By Nick Flaherty

Oxford Instruments in the UK has signed a cooperative research project with ITRI in Taiwan for the development of next-generation compound semiconductors.

The agreement is expected to complement the R&D capacities of both sides and will help develop a new supply chain for compound semiconductors in Taiwan to create new opportunities in the global market.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs has been active in assisting Taiwan’s manufacturers in advancing core technologies associated with ultra-high frequency (UHF) components by providing key technology solutions and development platforms. It has also been dedicated to facilitating collaborations between Taiwan companies and global partners. The work will focus on gallium nitride technologies across RF and power applications.

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ITRI and Oxford Instruments have been working on precision testing analysis for the last 15 year and have worked in multiple fields such as HBLED, MEMS, Micro-LED, silicon photonics, and nanoanalysis. The deal also follows an agreement with the Compound Semiconductor Catapult research centre in the UK.

“The collaboration with Oxford Instrument will enhance the growth of next-gen semiconductor supply chain in Taiwan, allowing research and development to be implemented in system integration and multidisciplinary innovation. This will further boost the industrial transformation and economy development of Taiwan,” said Pei-Zen Chang, Executive Vice President at ITRI.

Chief Executive Officer of Oxford Instruments Ian Barkshire expressed his appreciation for the ongoing strengthening of the relationship between Oxford instruments and ITRI. He pointed out that

Oxford Instrument set up an R&D base at ITRI in 2011 and this has allowed the company to accelerate its technology program and better support its customers across Asia, says Ian Markshire, CEO of Oxford Instruments.

ITRI has already developed GaN semiconductor technology to be applied in high-frequency communications, and it has cooperated with universities on epitaxy technology and UHF communication components.

“Based on Taiwan’s key leading technology, its comprehensive industry chain in the semiconductors, and ITRI’s innovative R&D capabilities, the collaboration with Oxford Instruments on the development of compound semiconductors will help increase the yield rate of GaN’s High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) component processing and improve the source charging power and transistor performance,” said Chih-I Wu, Vice President and General Director of the Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratories at ITRI.

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