Tasking, Synopsys team for safer automotive virtual ECUs

Tasking, Synopsys team for safer automotive virtual ECUs

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By Nick Flaherty

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Tasking now supports the Synopsys VDK (Virtualizer Development Kit) and Silver virtual ECU (Electronic Control Unit) platforms with its debugging tools to boost automotive development.

Developers can now access a comprehensive suite of tools from Tasking and Synopsys that increase development efficiency while improving vehicle safety and reliability. This step will help reduce time-to-market and increase the quality of software in vehicles.

The Tasking tools provide comprehensive debugging, timing, and coverage analysis for in-depth insights into ECUs and embedded RTOS, with a focus on AUTOSAR while the Synopsys Virtualizer and Silver software environments allow for simulation of ECUs on different hardware abstraction levels from Level 4 (Virtualizer, VDKs) to abstractions on Level 1-3 (Silver) according to the prostep virtual ECU categorization.

The Synopsys tooling also enables co-simulation with models of different tools such as MATLAB / Simulink, Dymola, SimulationX, MapleSim, AMEsim, GT-Power and axisuite and integrates into automotive workflows to frontload integration, validation, and debugging. The use of virtual ECUs creates an ideal environment for the development and validation of automotive software.

Integrating the debugging tools with Synopsys Silver allows developers to switch between virtual and physical ECUs. The same tools and automation scripts can be used without changing the user’s process. In this way, the tools enable developers to identify and fix potential errors and security vulnerabilities early on, which significantly improves vehicle safety and reliability.

“The integration of TASKING debuggers with Synopsys virtual prototyping solutions is an important step towards a safer future for the automotive industry. The integration of our solutions enables manufacturers to develop their products faster and more efficiently,” said Christoph Herzog, CTO of Tasking.

“The automotive industry is accelerating software-defined vehicle validation through the deployment of Synopsys solutions for Electronics Digital Twins,” said Tom De Schutter, Vice President of Engineering for the Systems Design Group at Synopsys. “The integration of Synopsys Silver and Virtualizer with Tasking debugging tools delivers a seamless solution for software engineers to accelerate software development and time-to-market for their advanced automotive systems.”

The collaboration between the two companies started back in 2021 and since then, the debugging tools in combination with vECUs created with Synopsys virtual prototyping solutions have been successfully deployed in the field. The integration is now available to all users and enables automotive manufacturers to significantly accelerate ECU development and testing.;

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