TDK first in recycling of PET films in MLCC chip capacitors

TDK first in recycling of PET films in MLCC chip capacitors

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By Nick Flaherty

TDK has built the industry’s first recycling system that reuses PET films used in the manufacturing process of multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs).

Normally, the surfaces of PET films discarded from the MLCC manufacturing process are specially processed, and they cannot be reused without any further processing. As such, they are mainly added to general recycling or incinerated.

The TDK system instead washes the surfaces of waste PET films, returns them to PET plastic form (as a pellet), and then PET film manufacturer Toray produces a film. TDK then purchases those films and applies special processing to them, enabling them to be reused again in the manufacturing process. The recycled PET film used in this system reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 10 percent compared to conventional PET film.

The system will be introduced formally in stages, starting this month.  TDK will first use the recycled PET films for MLCCs. When the company expands the system beyond MLCCs, TDK will increase the usage of the recycled PET films to 20 percent.

This is part of TDK’s Environmental Vision 2035 that sets a goal of halving CO2 emissions by 2035 compared to 2104.

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