Telit Cinterion partners with Thales on IoT eSIM provisioning

Telit Cinterion partners with Thales on IoT eSIM provisioning

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

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Telit Cinterion has integrated Thales Instant Connect services into its IoT modules so that they can be remotely activated for cellular connectivity at the time of device installation or during in-field operation.

This streamlines IoT deployments as it simplifies supply chain, device installation and maintenance, helping to keep IoT devices connected anywhere, and at all times. Aidon, a leader in smart metering, is the first to benefit from this partnership by deploying IoT modules and initial connectivity from a single vendor, Telit Cinterion.

By integrating Thales technology into Telit Cinterion modules, enterprises can enjoy instant out-of-the-box connectivity activation irrespective of the grid of available mobile networks.

The provisioning service works as follows: at the end of device production or when it is deployed in the field, the Telit Cinterion module uses the initial connectivity provided by Thales Instant Connect, to download the target local connectivity from the network operators selected by the IoT service provider. This allows device manufacturers and service providers to postpone selecting a connectivity provider until after the device is manufactured and throughout the deployment process. It can also be used during in-field operation, enabling deployed devices to stay connected throughout unexpected cellular network outages. This flexibility is particularly beneficial in situations where the devices are deployed across different regions or countries, as it allows for seamless integration with local network operators.

“Helping our enterprise customers to quickly launch and monetize IoT is our mission at Telit Cinterion. Adding the Thales eSIM to our modules in combination with our SIM provisioning and global MVNO services to streamline the final connectivity provider selection is a game changer in the industry. This powerful solution delivers unparalleled adaptability to changing circumstances and simplifies supply chain and logistics because it is based on a single eSIM with Thales Instant Connect, which can be shipped anywhere in the world,” said Manish Watwani, Chief Marketing and Product Officer at Telit Cinterion.

“The IoT eSIM solution is an important innovation, ensuring production flexibility and connectivity of our smart meters, even in rural areas, and all without the need for physical handling of SIMs. The eSIM provides a true operator selection and provisioning at any stage of the product lifetime. It is improving our ability to get smart meters connected, stay connected and adapt to new metering as-a-service business models,” said Petri Ounila, Director, IoT Devices, Aidon.

“Thales aims to support IoT adopters and streamline device deployment with our eSIM with initial connectivity via Thales Instant Connect service. This simplifies and accelerates large scale IoT deployments for device makers, benefiting all stakeholders in the value chain. Thales is pleased to work with Telit Cinterion to support its success in cellular connectivity and speed up device deployment,” said Guillaume Lafaix, Senior Vice President Mobile Connectivity Solutions at Thales.

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