Test fleet management software facilitates ADAS development

Test fleet management software facilitates ADAS development

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

The Conix software, designed for the management of test fleets in the ADAS area, can be used in all vehicle areas to digitise fleets. Conix creates transparency for the entire fleet, its measurement technology components and the ECUs in the network. Unlike conventional solutions, the software can directly access vehicle data, ECUs and measurement technology. In addition, open cloud interfaces enable rapid integration into existing systems. The recorded trip data can be enriched by tagging metadata and subsequently analysed.

Conix test fleet management brings together all components of a test fleet in one system. Several vehicle fleets can be managed in the web-based software interface. Their status data of components (ECUs) and measurement technology data can be viewed and evaluated in real time. The system can be used with both stationary and mobile devices, for example by a developer at the desktop or by a test driver on a tablet in the vehicle. The web interface makes it possible to monitor the test drive live and prevent system failures – whether in the office in front of the PC or in the vehicle on a tablet.

At the same time, driving scenes can be marked on the tablet and saved in the recording by tagging with metadata. This makes it easier to find specific driving scenes again and facilitates the evaluation of the test drives. This saves resources and shortens the development time. Software updates can be prepared and rolled out via OTA. A version history of the software versions helps to detect possible errors early and to be able to act immediately.

With Conix, users can shorten test cycles and increase the quality of the development process, thereby saving costs and time. The open and expandable system architecture offers the necessary flexibility to ensure individual applicability and long-term compatibility.

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