Test system suits all MOST speed grades and PHYs

Test system suits all MOST speed grades and PHYs

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Supported physical layers for MOST include POF (plastic optical fiber) and electrical physical layers: coax and shielded or unshielded twisted pair (STP/UTP) copper wires. "With the enhanced and optimized TTsuite, all test cases that have been automated once with TTsuite are now available for all three MOST generations: MOST25, MOST50 and MOST150," said Wolfgang Malek, General Manager and Co-founder of Ruetz System Solutions. "Hence we offer all users the prerequisites for the reuse of test cases and, consequently, high protection for invested funds." 

The easy-to-use test platform of TTsuite allows users to perform test and simulation tasks in varying degrees of complexity. This tool is based on the standardized test specification language TTCN-3 and uses the GFT-format (Graphical Presentation format of TTCN-3) for the definition, visualization and documentation of the tests. TTsuite allows testers to describe and carry out new test scenarios in a user-friendly and comfortable environment. Moreover, test routines can be used both as executable tests and as test specifications.

As an extension to the test system, Ruetz System Solutions provides a test development kit (TDK) with various opportunities for automation in the areas of physical layer, network, system behavior, and application for a smooth start to test projects. A large number of proven test cases from the MOST compliance processes are available. In addition to the standard system, the company offers further test adapters for CAN bus, RS232, GPIB, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, SQL, POP3, SNMP, TCP, UDP, and the integration of customer-specific DLLs and interfaces.

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