Texas Instruments shows off Pico HD projector that fits into a smartphone

Texas Instruments shows off Pico HD projector that fits into a smartphone

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TI, which provides cinema chips to some 85 percent of the world’s digital cinemas has managed to shrink those powerful chips down to a size able to fit snugly inside a cell phone, desktop robot or pocket projector, for those who like to project their media on the go.

The 1280 x 800 mirrors on the device create each individual pixel and each one is microscopic. Indeed, TI explained the size as being “about one tenth of a human hair.” Each DLP chip can feature an array of those microscopic mirrors, up to 2.2 million, which switch at ultra-high speeds to generate a visible image.

As well as managing to make the multitude of mirrors smaller and smaller, TI said the chips now also operated in a much lower heat environment, despite producing the brightest projections yet.

This Pico HD chipsets power products that are purportedly some three to five hundred lumens of brightness, an “amazing accomplishment,” according to the firm’s spokesman, seeing as the previous generation was only capable of powering devices in the 50-100 lumen range.

The spokesman added that the projectors would provide “a magical experience out of the palm of your hand,” and indeed a plethora of partners including Acer, Viewsonic, LG, Dell and Optoma were showing off Pico powered wares on the CES show floor.

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