The Heterogeneous Technology Alliance: a European platform for smart integrated systems

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There cutting-edge technologies will soon form the basis of innovative solutions to problems facing society in fields of transportation, health care, energy generation and distribution, and communication. This Smart Integrated System Solutions (SIS2) initiative will enhance the competiveness of the European semiconductor community. Aggressive use of design, technology and application services is used as the basis to build a competitive advantage.

The European semiconductor industry has already taken the lead in the field of Smart Integrated Systems, products that combine technologies (Microsystems, Optics, Power Electronics, Wireless Communications, Biosensor, etc.) providing enhanced functionality such as sensing, actuating and power management with highly sophisticated (nano-) electronics into a single package or chip. The SIS2 initiative builds on existing competencies and infrastructures of HTA members and creates a cooperative Technology Infrastructure open to European Industry.

This platform will support customers with design services and a wide variety of add-on technologies, will help maintain and build on this leading position by supporting R&D and providing pilot production for innovative products in small and medium sized companies. As such, it will be an essential tool for overcoming the commercialization "valley of death" that often hinders the successful realization of new products requiring components that cannot be provided by the mass market semiconductor industry.

The members have expertise in functional diversification over a wide range of production volumes, are already key actors in the ecosystem that supports the whole supply chain, and can easily establish a multi-site R&D&I facility open to all European companies, research organizations and universities because of existing infrastructures.

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