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By Wisse Hettinga

AI is changing the world of High Performance computing – Ivo Bolsens, Senior Vice President AMD

The HiPEAC conference in Toulouse (Jan 16-18, 2023) is a great gathering of researchers, students and engineers. They share their most genius research and developments on High Performance computing, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. 

In preparation of the conference I am online with Ivo Bolsens. Ivo is now Senior Vide President at AMD, but before that he worked for imec and Xilinx – a list of companies that gives him an expert view on the technologies and markets, both in the US and in Europe.
We talk about how AI is changing the world of HPC, what the opportunities are and how research can cross ‘the valley of death’ to get into the open domain. Ivo recognises that Automotive and Health are the quick wins for Europe. These areas are in an excellent position to deliver and stimulate research and new developments.
The HiPEAC conference is in Toulouse. For more information see
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