The Superclean Dream Machine

The Superclean Dream Machine

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By Wisse Hettinga

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Prophetic is turning your nightmares into sweet dreams with the Halo

The Halo is a non-invasive neural device to stabilize and induce lucid dreaming. From the website:

Lucid dreams are a type of dream where the dreamer becomes aware that they are asleep. They are purely phenomenological experiences with little or no external sensory input. We consider lucid dreams to be particle accelerators for consciousness: a state that allows for the objective observation of the neural foundations of self-awareness, (meta)cognition, and sensory perception.

The combination of ultrasound and machine learning models (created using EEG & fMRI data) allows us to detect when dreamers are in REM to induce and stabilize lucid dreams.

Halo is a headset that measures and collects data and there is an app. This app is running  ML models, trained with EEG and fMRI data of active lucid dream states, it can track your sleep and ‘lucid dream data’ will be uploaded to improve the models.

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