The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management Technical Articles of 2011

The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management Technical Articles of 2011

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Starting in reverse order – here we go:     

10. Microwatt charge pump boosts 1-V to 1.8-V at 90 percent efficiency  

Martin Tomasz of Sageloop Designs explained how two ultra-low-power op amps can be used in a charge pump configuration to double an input voltage, creating an output voltage of approximately 2× the input voltage.

9. Efficient method for interfacing TRIAC dimmers and LEDs  

James Patterson of National Semiconductor Corp. described an efficient method for interfacing TRIAC dimmers and LEDs.  

8. Design a simple, isolated bias supply  

As part of his popular ‘Power Tip’ series Robert Kollman of Texas Instruments outlined how to generate an isolated power supply for gate drive, isolated sensing or communication circuits using minimal parts count, complexity, and cost.  

7. Step by step for an optimised flyback design  

Michele Sclocchi of Texas Instruments in this first part of a two part series offers a step by step guide on how to approach optimising a flyback design.     

6. Heat removal with microchannel heat sinks  

Bahman Tavassoli of Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. outlined how microchannel heat sinks can be used to remove a high heat load.     

5. Higher-voltage LEDs improve light bulb efficiency  

Robert Kollman, Texas Instruments explained how higher-voltage LEDs can improve light bulb efficiency.     

4. Simple latch circuit protects power supplies  

Robert Kollman, Texas Instruments explained how a simple latch circuit can be used to protect power supplies.    

3. Calculating power loss in switching MOSFETs  

Andrew Smith, Engineering Training Manager, Power Integrations, Inc. focused on calculating power loss in switching MOSFETs.   

2. Use ultracapacitors to extend lifespan, improve performance for many solar-dependent applications  

The runner up in 2011 is Brendan Andrews, Ioxus, Inc. who examined how ultracapacitors can be used to extend lifespan and improve performance for many solar energy applications.     

1. Energy harvester produces power from local environment, eliminating batteries in wireless sensors     

So 2011’s most popular technical article author is Jim Drew of Linear Technology who explained how remote sensors are able to operate without batteries by harvesting ambient energy from the surrounding environment. Congratulations Jim.

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