Thermal camera delivers instant fever alarms

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The Fotric 226B’s Polysilicon-FPA sensor provides a thermal image of up to 110k pixels of effective temperature measurement points. The WLIR software provided has a built-in AI face-shape detection algorithm which detects facial temperatures with a 100% success rate. A built-in AI temperature calibration algorithm within the software automatically locks onto face shapes and rejects other high temperature sources in the field of view, within milliseconds. The WLIR software utilizes a body temperature calibration algorithm which automatically collects face temperatures in different scenarios for self-learning. It adjusts the body temperature alarm threshold in real-time by adapting to ambient changes, preventing alarms for body temperature variations due to morning or night differences. The instrument automatically counts the number of screened personnel and the number of suspected abnormal body temperature alarms during a screening process, which is helpful for statistics, and for epidemic prevention and control.
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