Thermal management device shortens charging times, extends battery life

Thermal management device shortens charging times, extends battery life

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

With the eBTM, automotive supplier Webasto offers a compact and scalable thermal management solution that increases the runtime and lifetime of drive batteries in e-vehicles.

The Electrical Battery Thermal Management (eBTM) keeps drive batteries in trucks, vans, buses and construction machinery within the ideal temperature range at all times. Thus, the batteries deliver their maximum power during operation regardless of the outside temperature and load, achieve the longest possible life cycle and can be charged more quickly.

Adapted to the requirements of traction batteries, the unit continuously monitors the operating temperature and ensures a balance between the heating and cooling circuits. In this way, it keeps the temperature of traction batteries within the ideal range of approx. 22°C. Depending on the vehicle type, application and number of batteries installed, several units can be combined. The eBTM dynamically adjusts the temperatures during different load phases. In addition, it can condition the batteries during the charging process and thus halve the charging time.

The system solution is designed for 400 as well as 800 volt applications and provides up to 8 kilowatts (kW) of cooling and up to 10 kW of heating power for battery systems with a total capacity of up to 210 kilowatt hours (kWh). Thanks to the compact dimensions of 100 x 70 x 30 centimetres, a low weight of 90 kilograms and only a few connection interfaces, the plug & play system is easy to install and can be put into operation quickly. The components for the coolant and heating circuits, electric water pumps and control units are already included in the housing.

Webasto’s eBTM allows charging with up to 41 % more power compared to batteries without thermal management. The accelerated power input results in a considerably shorter charging time. In a driving profile with high start and stop frequency, thermal management provides 8.9 % more range, resulting among other things from the 24 % higher recuperation power at low temperatures. In hot climatic conditions, the eBTM also improves the “state of health” by 21 %.


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