Thermoelectric module delivers precise laser diode cooling

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The thermoelectric module (TEM) accommodates a laser diode butterfly package and is primarily used to stabilize the temperature of sensitive optical components for applications that have lower cooling requirements of 10 watts or less. The OptoTEC Series is used to keep the laser diode operating temperature stable at around 25+/-0.5ºC, it dissipates heat generated by the active optical component, which is around 1 to 2 Watts. Reverse polarity enables the thermoelectric module to heat or cool dependent on outdoor temperature. The OptoTEC TEM is available in multiple configurations and surface finishing options. Assembled with Bismuth Telluride semiconductor material and thermally conductive Aluminium Oxide ceramics, the TEM units are designed for lower current and lower heat pumping applications. Custom designs are available to accommodate metallization, pre-tinning, ceramic patterns, and solder posts, however MOQ applies.
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