Thermologger to challenge cold chain environments

Thermologger to challenge cold chain environments

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By Julien Happich

The new product has been built for resistance to dust, chemicals and mechanical stress as well as protection against temporary immersion in water, enabled by an extra-rugged sealed ABS casing with IP68 rating. Equipped with a UHF Gen2 air interface, a long battery life (three years or five use cycles), Maxdura Thermologger can be easily integrated into existing RAIN RFID (UHF) reader setups used for item management applications.

For fulfilling its cold chain and industrial temperature logging role, the tag also incorporates eponymous temperature data-logging capabilities based on its sensor functionality. Combining a scalable log memory, an operating temperature range from -30 to 60°C, and an accuracy of up to ±0.1°C, Maxdura Thermologger fits the widest possible array of application needs. That also applies to the temperature measurement intervals which can be set between 1 second and 24 hours. Maxdura Thermologger has a hard tag-like form factor measuring 100x75x11mm and comes with 3072 bits user memory that enables the storage of up to 1000 data measurements (8 bit / 0.5°C resolution). Higher memory capacities are available upon request, as are higher precision temperature sensors.

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