This datasheet can be on your Xmas reading list

This datasheet can be on your Xmas reading list

By eeNews Europe

I know, datasheets are perhaps not the favourite reading material for the embedded electronics engineer during Xmas time, but I must admit, reading through the datasheet of the recently introduced two new USB Type-C™ and USB Power Delivery (PD) controllers from Texas Instruments, I actually enjoyed the level of detail and effort put in to make the life of the designer engineer easier. The full specs can be found here 

The TPS65987D is a fully-integrated USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) management device providing cable plug and orientation detection for a USB Type-C and PD plug or receptacles. The TPS65987D communicates with the cable and another USB Type-C and PD device at the opposite end of the cable, enables integrated port power switch, controls an external high current port power switch, and negotiates alternate modes. The TPS65987D may also control an attached super-speed multiplexer via GPIO or I2C to simultaneously support USB3.0/3.1 data rates and DisplayPort video. The TPS65987D provides two 5 V to 20 V, 5-A Bidirectional Switches to or from VBUS.

The datasheet provides all the details to integrated the new devices into your new USB Type-C and PD applications where you need to transfer both data and power. You will find in depth measurements, application notes, physical information up to the solder paste stencil design. What more do you want?

I really enjoyed the information on the VBUS Snubber Circuit, you have to be an engineer to put that in!

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