This device will give you a listening ear – Product Spotlight

This device will give you a listening ear – Product Spotlight

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By Wisse Hettinga

Voice control is getting more and more interest, but how to include it in your design or your new product?

The ReSpeaker USB Microphone Array from Seeed Studio might be an interesting starting point. This array runs on a XVF-3000 from XMOS, supports USB Audio Class 1.0, has four microphones that allows to detect the direction of the sound arrival, it has Noise Supression and allows Acoustic Echo Cancelation.

The full specifications:

  • XVF-3000 from XMOS
  • 4 high performance digital microphones
  • Supports Far-field Voice Capture
  • Speech algorithm on-chip
  • 12 programmable RGB LED indicators
  • Microphones: ST MP34DT01TR-M
  • Sensitivity: -26 dBFS (Omnidirectional)
  • Acoustic overload point: 120 dBSPL
  • SNR: 61 dB
  • Power Supply: 5V DC from Micro USB
  • Dimensions: 70mm (Diameter)
  • 3.5mm Audio jack output socket
  • Power consumption: 5V, 180mA with led on and 170mA with led off
  • Max Sample Rate: 16Khz

Typical applications for this device are:

  • USB Voice Capture
  • Smart Speaker
  • Intelligent Voice Assistant Systems
  • Voice Recorders
  • Voice Conferencing System
  • Meeting Communicating Equipment
  • Voice Interacting Robot
  • Car Voice Assistant
  • Other Voice Interface Scenarios

You can use it as an development platform, but is also works straight out of the box.

For less the 70 USD, this device will obey all your commands

Find all the detailed specs


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