This is your AI copilot speaking

This is your AI copilot speaking

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By Wisse Hettinga

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MIT’s copilot system can set the stage for a new wave of AI innovation

MIT scientists have developed a deep learning system, Air-Guardian, designed to work in tandem with airplane pilots to enhance flight safety. This artificial intelligence (AI) copilot can detect when a human pilot overlooks a critical situation and intervene to prevent potential incidents. 

The backbone of Air-Guardian is a novel deep learning system known as Liquid Neural Networks (LNN), developed by the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL). LNNs have already demonstrated their effectiveness in various fields. Their potential impact is significant, particularly in areas that require compute-efficient and explainable AI systems, where they might be a viable alternative to current popular deep learning models.

Air-Guardian employs a unique method to enhance flight safety. It monitors both the human pilot’s attention and the AI’s focus, identifying instances where the two do not align. If the human pilot overlooks a critical aspect, the AI system steps in and takes control of that particular flight element. 

This human-in-the-loop system is designed to maintain the pilot’s control while allowing the AI to fill in gaps. “The idea is to design systems that can collaborate with humans. In cases when humans face challenges in order to take control of something, the AI can help. And for things that humans are good at, the humans can keep doing it,” said Ramin Hasani, AI scientist at MIT CSAIL and co-author of the Air-Guardian paper.

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