ThreadX and CoreDX DDS optimize data distribution in embedded real-time devices

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The integration of ThreadX RTOS and CoreDX DDS strongly complements ThreadX’s broad deployment in wireless and mobile devices such as routers, PDAs, Android phones, and portable medical devices. Communications middleware serves a variety of software systems, from deeply embedded real-time systems and mobile devices to enterprise and database systems. It enables communication between two otherwise separate software threads, tasks, components, processes, or applications to exchange information, either within one device or between multiple systems. The communications middleware simplifies the design, programming, and management of applications by streamlining how applications receive and process data.

Communication is critical to coordinate the activities of various threads and applications. CoreDX DDS implements a simple, efficient, and universal way to coordinate communications. CoreDX DDS is a cross-language, cross-operating system, cross-platform middleware (or IPC) solution that manages communications not only between networks and devices, but also in providing an essential service for interprocessor communications in multicore or multiprocessor systems. CoreDX DDS simplifies communication processes, making distributed development easier, faster, and more reliable.

Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS offers a robust library of application-callable operating system services that simplify and optimize the performance of embedded systems. Designed for such microcontroller-based applications, ThreadX features a memory footprint as small as 2KB, which enables it to reside in even the most limited on-chip MCU memory. ThreadX provides preemptive, real-time, priority-based scheduling for optimum responsiveness and high performance, and includes services such as thread scheduling, message passing, resource allocation, synchronization, and interrupt management. ThreadX incorporates Preemption-Threshold Scheduling technology that minimizes context switches while maintaining schedulability.

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