Three phase power module for electric aircraft

Three phase power module for electric aircraft

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By Nick Flaherty

Microchip has launched the first in a family of three-phase power drive modules for electric aircraft.

The configurable power modules include a three bridge topology that are available in silicon carbide (SiC) or silicon MOSFET or IGBT technologies along with the gate drivers. There are 12 variants ranging from 650V to 1200V on a AlSiC baseplate with maximum dimensions of 108 mm × 67 mm × 25 mm. The power starts at 5kVA and there is the option for a 1700V version.

The device is designed for low inductances for high-power density with power and signal connectors that are solderable directly on the user’s printed circuit board.

The modules include inrush current limiting as well as optional add-ons for functions such as soft start, solenoid interface drive, regenerative brake switch and thermal sensors for external monitoring circuitry usage.

The hybrid power drive modules are designed to be easily configurable with other Microchip products and parts, such as field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), memory integrated circuits, motor drive controllers and motor drive monitoring integrated circuits.  

Microchip will provide detailed specification sheets and dedicated support from a knowledgeable engineering team member to help customers with every step of their design.

The hybrid power drive module is available for order in production quantities.



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